Week 2

So this week during lecture we talked about marriage and how to change the world, which starts with marriage. Then we talked about sex and the 8 steps that lead to premarital sex. Some really good stuff! Another lecture was about the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. I really enjoyed that one. The Holy Spirit gives everyone different gifts, including the ability to speak in tongues. Something I have always wanted to be able to do but haven't. Again, I really enjoyed it. Other than that I haven't really started practice for our performance, it's been a little here and a little there kind of stuff but nothing too bad. The other day we learned hula dance which is very difficult and boring. We are all very hungry since the food here never fills you up. They give us lots of salad and rice, and that's it a lot of the time. Sometimes you just want some meat. We went to a Thai restuarant and I tried mussels for the first time, not bad. Evenings have had more free time as we have not started practice fully. After our workshift is over, we get to chill and just listen to people play guitar, one guy plays songs we know and the other sings songs he wrote. It has become one of my favorite things to do, that and walking to McDonalds at night (we do lots of walking). Another thing that I love is we have small group, and we get to have one on one with our small group leaders. I love that so much and I've only been to one. We have small group once a week so I'm excited for the next one! The weather here has been kinda chilly but still a lot nicer than South Dakota. Well, that's all for now. Thanks for your prayers! Still working on my outreach fees.



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