Hello world!
Wow there is so much to say and I've only been here for 2 days. Well lets start off by saying that the goodbye to my family was the hardest thing I think I've ever had to do. At random times I've wanted to just burst out in tears and have. Everyone keeps telling me it will get better and I think it will just as soon as we get going, so far it's just been so relaxed. Yesterday was a long day plus I was so tired from the plane rides and not being able to sleep the first night. I ask that you pray for me about feeling homesick. My leader Maria has been a huge encouragement, as have my roomies.

On Thursday when I got here my leaders where so excited to see me. Maria the head of the DTS gave me a huge hug and said she was so happy I made it. All but one of my leaders are Korean. The other one, Johnny, is Canadian. So when Maria speaks she speaks broken English so there is also a Korean translator. Maria is such a funny lady she is so cute and kinda fiesty. I'm really glad she is my leader. Yesterday we pretty much just went over the campus and some of the base rules. There aren't many. Just the obvious ones, like no smoking and drinking. But they warned us of some insects that we have to watch out for, and to be careful when walking down the street, and the current in the ocean is very strong, so just watch yourself. Since pretty much everything in Hawaii is outside I feel like I'm at camp, except I don't have to ask to leave campus or anything and I can leave whenever I want. As long as I attend class I'm fine. Maria told me that our base is the hardest one here because we work late and we don't have a lot of free time during the week. Yesterday was Aloha Friday, which we meet in the Ohana court and had worship. We got a special presentation by the islanders. They did a dance for us and then did some special effects with fire. On Monday it will be our official welcoming by our base. They are gonna give leis, and introduce us to the staff. Then on Monday night we will have dance try outs, and then Tuesday night there will be acting try outs.
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