Week 1

Well week one has come and gone. It feels like I have been here a month, and that I've known all these people for years. Everyone says the first week is the hardest and the longest. The first few days I was exhausted, but thanks to everyones prayers I have been sleeping like a baby. Praise Jesus! Last week during our lectures Kenny Jackson was our guest speaker and he is also our DTS leaders husband. He spoke on finding the identity and character of God, good stuff. I wish we could have done more, but since it was the first week everything is really light. Then we had another speaker who came to talk about the Bible, but honestly he was all over the place. I think he wanted to cover too many things in one session and we just couldn't do it. So I really don't know what he was trying to get across to us. Today we start talking about sexuality and relationships, that should be an interesting lecture. Also, today we find out what areas we are gonna be working in, then we have another set of auditions to see what our spots will be. So I'm kinda nervous but very excited. My days are so jam packed that all you want to do on the weekends is just chill. We've just been listening to people play the guitar and singing along with it, very relaxing. The food here isn't too bad, minus my picky eating. They don't give us a lot of meat, so it's mostly salad and rice. I don't know how we are supposed to survive on that. =) One thing I do miss a lot is my mum's home cooking. The other day while we were skyping she was eating chicken, and before that my dad was eating spaghetti, my how I miss it(specially with the food I eat here, no comparison). My leader said outreach food will be better than this food, because we have our own cook, 4 months left and then I will be back to my mums cooking! I have met some new friends who I really have connected with, one is from Australia and the other from Egypt. I'm so happy to have met them, it has helped a lot. I'm super excited to be here! Please keep us in your prayers! Still working on my outreach fees, so if you would like to donate, you can do so easily by clicking the donate button on my blog.Blessings,


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