Welcome to corporate week

Well, as the title says week 3 is corporate week! Which means all of our lectures are in one place and everyone on campus has to attend. The founders of YWAM, Darlene and Loren Cunningham were our speakers as well as David Hamilton. I am not a big fan of corporate week but the lectures were pretty good. Loren is kind of hard to follow because his points are all over the board, but Darlene and David were very good. I learned so much! Darlene talked about how not to give up ever, and to say yes to God before he even asks you. Which is not a very easy task, especially if you don't like what he is asking you to do, but the best place for you to be is in God's will. Then she talked about how to stick with things even through the hardships. Its easy to be happy and trust God when all is going well, but when life gets tough that's when you need to persevere. He will get you through the hard times no matter what. Then they talked about how we need to have an opposite spirit, like if we are talking to someone who has bitterness in their heart we need to take the spirit of forgiveness. And you know how the bible says an "eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth" David was talking about how if your brother hits you don't get back at him with twice as much force. So its been really interesting. I told you last week about our small groups, which is like my favorite part of the week. It's a good growth and accountability time, and your leader helps you through struggles you might have and what not. I love it so much! Tonight we have a dodge ball competition, and then on Saturday we are going to the beach as a DTS for a bbq, which I am also so excited for, maybe there will be meat. Please continue to keep our finances is mind, God has done so much for a few peoples finances already, and we start fundraisers next week, so please continue to keep that in your prayers.



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