So Excited

Ok I'm so excited right now!!!! This week as been totally awesome! I really felt that God was talking to me this week, which made me so ecstatic and I also became aware of some hard feelings I had in my heart concerning some of my peers. I have to say this has to be my favorite week so far. On Wednesday night I had my one on one with my leader Ashley and we started talking about hearing the voice of God, and then we prayed that I would be able to hear it clearly. On Thursday morning during worship God gave me a vision of a bunch of different paths each leading to something different. At first I didn't know what it meant, but then later on that day God gave me the verse from Isaiah 30:21, which says "Whether we walk to the left or to the right your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, 'This is the way; walk in it'". I wasn't sure if this was God, or just me, but during one of our worship sessions, another girl stood up and said God gave her a verse to give to me, and it was the same verse! I was so happy! Then on Saturday I felt God laid it on my heart to be a translator, which would be so awesome! I am still praying about that one, but I feel like it's something I could persue in school. I am slowly learning Korean, it's so much fun! I can understand some of the stuff they are saying and it's great! Our lectures this week were really good as well. Our speakers have been absolutely amazing, and so funny! They have been talking about how important and influential "the arts" are. I am still praying about everyone's financal situations. I myself still need about $2000 for outreach. We are doing fundraisers to help us out, and I know God will provide!



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