Week 6

Well welcome to the end of week 6. What a week it has been. Ok lets start off with lectures. This week our speaker was Chris Colby and she was talking about worldview and getting down to the root issue. She used a tree for an example and said everything we do has a root cause. In order to figure out the root cause we need to start from the top and work our way down. It starts with CONSEQUENCE which equals the fruit we produce. Then it moves to your BEHAVIOR which is the branch. Then VALUE which is the trunk of the tree. Then last is BELIEF which is the root of the issue(s). So whenever we try to fix something in our lives we can't just cut off the branch we need to get to the root issue otherwise it will still be there. I really enjoyed her talks, we watched Amazing Grace in lecture also as an example of how William had to change before he could change slavery, and when he did end slavery he had to get to the root issue for it to change. Another thing I liked about Chris is that she made us discuss everything instead of just giving a bunch of information and then leaving. I quite enjoyed her. In our small groups we got these journals that we have to write in , which at first I wasn't a fan of but now I love it. Our small group leader Ashley (she is amazing!) gives us 5 questions and then we write our answers. We can discuss our responses if we choose. I am very excited for it! Last week our questions were:
1.) What is a new revelation that you've learned about Gods Character?
2.) One thing outside of lecture that I am struggling with?
3.) What are 2 things that I'm expecting from outreach?
4.) What does it mean to be hospitable?
5.) 1-10 rate how I feel that week.

It was really fun answering those questions. I am excited about this weeks questions too they are a little more intense.

1.) What is something I can do to help end slavery this week?
2.) Ask God what heart I should have for the production and what He wants to display.
3.) Write an encouraging letter to some one.
4.) Rate My week 1-10.
5.) Make a tree and find the root issue of either me or a social issue.

I am really excited to answer them! I think I have the best small group of all time and my leader Ashley is the best. She is the same age as me, and she is just awesome! In my small group we do a lot of serious things but we do it in a way that we kind of have fun with it. Like the other day we wrote down things that might be preventing us from getting closer to God, and then we asked God to take them away and replace it with something else that He wants, then we burned the papers. It was freeing, fun yet serious. Another time we did things that put us in a box and we made little boxes then, after, we broke off the things that put us in there, and then we smashed the box. Yesterday we wrote down lies we have believed or that people have told us then we wrote truths to go with those lies. We crumpled up the paper with the lies and just read off the truths. It's been great in my small group! Another fun thing we do is pick a girl and just encourage her or say nice things we like about her, it's tons of fun to encourage as well as be encouraged. Sadly when we go on outreach my small group will be different, because we mix guys and gals together. June 3rd we are supposed to find out who is going to be in our small group on outreach because we are performing in Hilo. We aren't doing the full performance because we are definitely not ready. It's like pre-outreach prep. I'm excited except there won't be showers while we're there....ew. But I'll survive =) I am definitely pumped for outreach I have a little bit of campus fever since I don't go anywhere really, most everything happens on campus. So I am ready to go on outreach, I think it will go by way faster because we are moving so much. We are only planning on staying in Japan for 3 weeks, the rest of the time we will be Korea. At the end of lecture phase we will be having a feast and then again at the end of outreach. I'm so excited for it. I'm also excited that we have our own cook for outreach, everyone says we are going to eat well! I can't wait! I have had 2 goals for my lecture phase, one was to learn how to really listen and hear Gods voice and I'm doing that. The other goal was to find out what God wants me to do with my life. I think He has begun to reveal that to me. I feel He is leading me in the direction to be a translator. So I am very excited about that. Please continue to pray for us!



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