The After Math

    It's been a month and a half since I was diagnosed with Celiac's and at first I wasn't sure if that's what I had because my improvements were very little, but now after not having gluten for a month and half I am happy to say that my improvements are great!  At first it was just the extreme cramping and constant running to bathroom that went away (which is still good) but I was still having some uncomfortable pains and bloating and not being able to eat a whole bunch.  It was pretty much all day with the worse pain in the morning when I woke up, then it moved to just pain in the morning but, I started feeling hungry after a few hours of being awake...which was another good improvement....although I still couldn't eat a lot. Improvement is improvement I'd say, even if it took a while.  This week has been the first week that I have woke up with no pain and I am even starting to feel hungry when I wake up in the morning!  I can eat full meals on a daily basis, hardly experiencing any pain, and my body feels really good. I actually feel hungry and no bloating.   My mornings are so much easier and stress free now.

    Things I am learning though, is to scour the labels. I did accidentally eat gluten about two weeks ago and it did not end pretty. My stomach was hurting so bad and I felt nauseous, but that is how I will remember to always check the labels before I buy and/or make anything!   Some things you wouldn't assume have gluten in them, like Pringles, and if one flavor or type of candy is gluten free doesn't mean all of them are gluten free such as Reese's peanut butter cups are gluten free, Reese's wafers... not so much.  You can't assume anything, even if you think you know the ingredients of a food ALWAYS READ THE LABEL!  Don't assume you know what they say about people who assume.... Now time to get my teeth fixed.....yuck!

So it begins....

      So in September of 2011, I returned from a 6 month mission trip from Japan and South Korea. The trip was great! I had so much fun and I fell in love with Korea!  However, the day we left Korea, I got sick to my stomach. My stomach was cramping up so bad that I couldn't even move. My body was shaking, I was dry heaving, and I felt like I was going to puke; all while not being able to leave the potty....(yuck I know).  So I took some Pepto Bismol, waited for it to kick in, and tried to get ready and pack my stuff up in time to go to the airport.  I slept on the flight, but my stomach was still hurting, but manageable.  From there on out, I had the worst stomach pain all the time. I could hardly eat and sleep was my only means of escape from it. I was excited to go to sleep but hated waking up knowing that it was going to start all over again.  My diet included crackers, root beer and water, that was about all I could eat without having too many issues.  After a few months, I finally went to see a doctor. Several tests and some awkward moments prior, they couldn't find anything.  Feeling super discouraged, I went home and my stomach hurt more than ever. I thought it was going to explode. I didn't know how far my belly could stretch.   My mom had heard though how probiotics help with certain things such as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), which was what I possibly thought I had.  So after taking the probiotic I started feeling much better, after about 6 months maybe I was able to stop the pill completely.  

    I was doing great until the summer of  2014 when it started up again.  So I kept doing what I was doing, taking Pepto when needed, trying myself to figure out what was wrong with me and just handling the pain.  I started to keep a food journal to see if I could pinpoint what set it off, totally random I could eat the same thing two days in a row and one day I'd be fine and the next my tummy would hurt.  So I tried cutting out gluten for a week, no changes then I thought maybe it was lactose, I felt better for about a week and had my symptoms all over again.

    So FINALLY I decided to go to the doctor, a different one of course.  He then referred me to a GI (Gastroenterologist) specialist.  Who then after talking to me requested a colonoscopy and an upper endoscopy....yeah super exciting. I had to drink this nasty stuff called GoLytely which I couldn't get down easy any possible way, cause of my stomach already rejecting any food that went it, so scarfing down a nasty drink didn't make it any better.  I tried my best hoping that they would figure it out without the colonoscopy.   So after both my tests, they told me that I tested positive for Celiac's disease!   They told me it takes at least a month before I can start feeling better. Unfortunately, is why when I tested it the first time it didn't do much.  Although, I read that usually when people stop gluten their symptoms tend to stop right away, so even though the doctor said that's what it was, I have my doubts. Maybe when I start feeling better I'll become a believer.   Lets hope that day comes soon....