30 long days

I recently took some blood tests with Danielle from Your Best You Health. She's been working with me a lot on trying to cure my stomach issues. Basically, my gut has a lot of inflammation in it, We're trying to find triggers and do a protocol to heal it.  The tests I took where called Zoomer tests. I took a wheat, corn and lectin zoomer.  When they came back my body reacted to Wheat (it showed up due to my recent accidental exposure.) but the markers that show up for celiac weren't there. That means there is a possibility that I don't have celiac's disease, just a gluten sensitivity which can be healed once I repair my gut.  The next one that popped up was the lectins, which means peanuts, soy, tomatoes, potatoes and peppers.  The last one was corn which reacted in my body as well, and some of it even cross reacted so my body treats it like it's gluten, even though it's not.  So for 30 day's, I can't eat any of this stuff, then at the end of 30 day's I have to slowly introduce it back in my system and see if I have a reaction to it. 

  Now I know that this is just 30 days and in comparison to life for sure but this is going to be a long 30 days.  First off, you don't realize how many things make up everything, like tomatoes in BBQ sauce or freaking soy/soybean oil.  To Quote Darryl Philbin "Why is soy in everything?"  You never pay attention until you start becoming an avid label reader on food you can't eat.  Soy and corn are literally in everything, especially snack foods. Summer sausage? That has 3 different types of corn in it. Beef Jerky has soy in it, so good luck finding one without it. If anyone knows of any please share with me. Ranch or 1000 island?  Soy and corn, double wammy right there.  So what the heck does that leave you? Basically nothing. If you can have fruits and veggies without dip, more power to you because it's hard finding one that you can eat.  Sure you can make your own dressings but as a full time working mom who has time for that? I already make as much as my food as I can from scratch, there is only so much that you can do.  I would like to spend time with family or do fun things.  So I'm gonna try to make it through this 30 days, but oh my gosh I think it's gonna be hard for me. No pizza, no ranch no chicken tenders no mashed potatoes or gravy, and worst of all no cheat days.  It's day one and I already feel like giving up, and I just feel defeated which doesn't help with the attitude, especially when you just want a snack, but all the gluten free, grain free, tomato, potato, soy free and corn free snacks are called fruit and veggies without dressing... so welcome to ranting journey! I'm sure I'll be posting since I'm without food for 30 days...


   Positivity.  Something comes easy when life is going well. But what about when life isn't going well?  How hard is it to stay positive when life is throwing junk at you? Somebody always has it worse than you do, right? That should give you perspective and a positive attitude toward your situation.  If only it was that easy. There is a lot of things I'm going through, and let me tell you it's not easy being positive.  Most of you who know me, know that I have Celiacs Disease.  I was diagnosed with that early in 2015. That was a rough road to get diagnosed (two years of random symptoms and 3 different doctors to get diagnosed).  I was sad and excited when I found that out, I was finally going to start feeling better! I had horrible stomach pains, fatigue and headaches. What you don't realize though, is that when you eat something for years and years, your body needs to detox off it.  It makes sense when it's drugs or alcohol, but gluten? Who knew you had to detox off of gluten?  Guess what? It's not fun, I got headaches, nausea, night sweats, and fatigue. The same symptoms that eating gluten was causing were the same symptoms that coming off of it.  I read that it could take up to a year for your body to start actually healing after Celiac diagnosis.  It makes sense, my whole intestines were swollen, so much so that I couldn't eat hardly any food for like 8 to 9 months.  I still had my headaches, but they said that could up to two years before that gets fully better.  I had quite a bit of deficiencies due to my body not absorbing a whole lot. After starting supplements for a while I was feeling better, my headaches had dwindled down to 1 every two weeks or so, woohoo I was healed!  
   Then I got pregnant, boy was that a whole new level of not feeling well, but that's a post for another day.  While I was pregnant I had terrible tension headaches, so I decided to see a chiropractor.  A family friend of ours recommended Solutions Chiropractic, I saw Dr. Wendy Iszler who helped me greatly. She is a wonderful chiropractor!  She headhunted me and offered me a job for when I return from maternity leave, I was hooked!  After I had my little one, I was still having headahces. Go figure right. I thought it was just from my hormones still, and my neck popping out, so Dr. Wendy gladly adjusted me every week as I needed it.  Over Christmas time I started getting sick again...Every morning I had severe stomach pains, a nightmare that I hoped would never happen.  What on earth was wrong now? Why the heck am I getting sick again? I was super frustrated.  So I talked with Dr. Wendy and she sent me over to our nutritionist Danielle.  She is amazing, she has such an amazing options to get to the real reason why you get sick.  So I had a meeting with her and she started a protocol for me to help get better.  There are so many things that I had going on in my gut that cause symptoms, that my doctor didn't even offer to test. So I thought here we go I'll start these supplements and on my way to healing. The downside to this was that I was breastfeeding and two items I needed to take can affect the flavor of the breast milk, of course my little girl didn't like it. So I thought I would finish breastfeeding until I couldn't and then start the protocol.  But I was on my to recovery!
   But wait, we still have the headaches. Of course once one thing subsides on my body something else flairs up!  I continued to get adjusted about every week, including KT taping to help support my neck and help keep it in place.  I was talking with my boss one day about pain killers, and I told her that I took Tylenol and ibuprofen almost everyday, she did not like that news.  "You need to stop and we need to figure what the heck is going on!" So after some more pain and coaxing I finally had had enough and she sent me for x-rays.  I received the x-rays and shot them over to Dr. Wendy, she instantly knew what was causing my headaches!  I have no curve in my neck, who knew..all my life I had loved laying on flat pillows, and now I know why. My neck is flat.  She described it as when you snap a towel and all that power goes at the end of the snap into the whip, that's what my neck is doing. Every time I walk or run, it's a constant jar to my head. So just some physical therapy would fix it and off the referral went.  This all sounds very exciting, a lifetime of headaches solved, a gut on it's way back to health, I am on my way to being normal! I was very excited.  Here is what I failed to consider, I had been sick for 3-4 years before I started trying to get better and I had headaches my whole life, so this isn't an instant fix.  It's a long road of  recovery and healing.  But it's hard to stay positive during this time! I've been in PT for 2 months, and I have been doing tests and supplements and I still am getting headaches and I'm still getting sick.  I try not to take pain meds if I can avoid it, but at the same time I have a little baby, I don't wanna spend half my time being sick and not being able to spend time with her, she's only little once! Who wants to spend their kid's life wasting away sick? Nobody, that's who.  I've gone from being sick all the time, to a slow progress of feeling better, I've gone to ibuprofen everyday from horrible headaches, to light headaches everyday but manageable without the need for as much ibuprofen.  So why is it hard to stay positive? When I have good days I get super excited and it's wonderful but then I have my bad days and I wonder why am I not getting better? Those stupid seeds of doubts of what if I never get better?  The negative road is always the easiest, especially when life beats you up for a long time.  You can't get better over night, so why do we expect years and years of pain to just be better in a week, or after a few doctor visits and then get upset when that doesn't happen.  There is always a cause and always a reason, and many times one reason is linked to the other.  Don't give up, don't let a doctor tell you there's nothing you can do, fight for your health.  I'm not gonna get better over night, but I'm on the road to recovery, and it's going to be a hard and long road. With everything so instant in our society we want to apply it to everything in our lives but it's just not possible.  So I'm taking my journey one step at a time, day by day trying to manage life while trying to get better, positivity is key but it's one of the hardest things to do when you're having a rough day. I hope that this can give you some encouragement just to stay positive in your healing process!  Feel free to comment a little of your story of healing emotional or physical, or ways that you kept positive during this time.